Throughout its 32 year history, the College of Ministers & Laity has attracted some of the brightest minds across an array of disciplines to engage in dialogue, learning and growing. The College of Ministers and Laity is unique in its juxtaposition of servant-hood, scholarship and leadership as requirements for ministry – whether that ministry is performed through formal religion or any other field of endeavor. 

The induction ceremony took place during the chapel annual conference that provides a creative learning environment in which clergy and laity from diverse backgrounds, distinct faith traditions, and different generations all come together as students of Dr. King’s philosophies and ethical principles to:

REFLECT on their personal calling,
FOSTER meaningful relationships with others who are answering their calling, and
DEVELOP ideas and strategies for taking their calling to the world.

After the induction ceremony,  Ms. Eddington responded, "It is an honor and a privilege to have been invited to join such an esteemed body of men and women, all committed to a life of purpose anchored by their determination to use their skills and resources to improve the circumstances of every human being. I gratefully accept the challenge presented to this cohort to live the moral cosmopolitan way".


Building Value.

Building Relationships.

Building Brands.

In the News

Susan J. Eddington, President of Ecocuriean, Inc., was recently inducted into the Martin Luther King, Jr. College of Ministers and Laity at Morehouse College. The College of Ministers and Laity is the signature program of the Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse.

Ms. Eddington is a Ph.D candidate in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University. Her research interests include intergroup relations, media representations and media effects, social identity, political psychology, sustainability and immersive media strategies. Her life long professional pursuits are rooted in media strategy and program development for pro-social change.

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